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Business Essays

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QA Systems in Upscale Hotels

Following a brief literature review, the intention of this essay is to examine quality assurance systems and evaluate the effect

ASDA Business Strategy

ASDA is the UK’s second largest supermarket chain, holding a 17.2% market share in the UK over 2013/2014 (Kantar Worldpanel, 2014).

Next PESTLE Analysis | Next Plc

This assignment will apply the relevant factors within the PESTLE framework to the international clothing retailer Next and its subsidiaries

Impacts of Nuclear Energy on Global Business

The growth in use of nuclear energy for power entered a state of not just stagnation but moderate decline, world wide, in the late seventies and…

The Garden Depot Recruitment Issues

The Garden Depot originated from a family owned floral company in Barrie, Ontario expanded to a larger variety floral, gardening and lawn care products.

The Organizational Theories of Max Weber

Bureaucracy is a distinct concept within organizational settings since it exemplifies a working organizational design as per the ideologies of Max Weber.

STA Travel Business Strategy

STA travel’s primary aim is attract young and active as well as adventurous consumers anywhere around the world. A sensible business strategy …

Dabur PESTEL Analysis

Dabur is an investor friendly brand as its financial performance shows. The company’s growth rate rose from 10% to 40%.

Tesco Change Management Strategy

Tesco has high market growth among all supermarket giants since it is performance. It has highest number of stores across the UK.

Development of Regulatory Mechanism

An essay on development of regulatory mechanism in insurance. IRDA since its inception has done a wonderful job in carrying out its duties…

KFC Leadership Style | Analysis

Effective leadership leads to a positive motivation and motivated employees will satisfy the customers of the organizations. In a long-term, it will help..

Human Resource Management of H&M

This is a case study on H&M, from a Strategic Human Resource Management perspective, based on publicly available details of H&M, which has been analyzed…

KFC Customer Survey

The main aim of this assignment is to carry out a customer survey both in the stores of the KFC and outside available food joints to find out whether…

Motivation Theories in Project Management

In this assignment I will present my views about some motivation theories and how they can be applied or not applied when running in a project mode.

Strategic Alliances: Reasons and Types

Strategic alliances can be seen as one of the fastest growing trends for business today; Alliances are sweeping through nearly every industry and…