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Theology Essays

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Book of Galatians

The Book of Galatians highly believed to be written by Apostle Paul was written in its original form as instructions to the Christians in southern Galatia.

Li & Fung: An Analysis

Since 1995, the Group had grown organically by receiving more orders from existing clients and by securing new mandates from strategic clients.

King Solomon: A History

Long before Solomon grew up and became a powerful king of Israel, we, the readers of the Bible, could foresee his upcoming success. God always was with…

Concepts of Evils: Reflective Essay

I doubt that anyone thinks that we live in a perfect world. Although famine, war, earthquakes, disease and crime are common occurrences, I am sure that…

Leadership Skills of Paul of Tarsus

In the light of Romans, 1 Corinthians and Galatians, what sources of authority does Paul draw on to reinforce his case and what can be learned from the…

Arguments for the Existence of God

The environment of the universe would be hostile to life of any type. If there isn’t any alignment of nuclear resonance of the carbon with the resonance…

Oxford Movement and the Church

It is likely that we will see a growing interest in the Oxford Movement in the wake of proposals by Roman Catholics to declare one of its founders a saint.

Live Together Before Marriage?

Now-a-days it is the trend among the people that they move in before marriage. Either love or attachment plays a vital role in it. But the main…

Regarding Facts as Truth

Often associated with information and knowledge, a fact is a truth that has been verified and is supported by objective evidence. This being said, facts…

Islamic Ethics – An Analysis

The main purpose of this term paper is to discuss the meaning of ethics from an Islamic perspective. The research has defined Islamic management ethics…

Sacrament Of Reconciliation

In the sacrament of Reconciliation we simply give God a chance to share with us the infinite merits of his Son.

Ascension Catholic Church Visit

The Ascension Catholic Church is a member of the Diocese of Orlando that consists of other churches within Florida. The church is located in a serene….

Enzyme Immunoassay Principle

The aim of this essay is to summarise the principle of this technique and to outline the main types of enzyme linked immunosorbant assay (ELISA) and its…

The Image of God | Literature Review

Each author seems to have scriptural evidence to support their theory on this controversial and highly debatable topic. There is a variety of views on how the…

The Youth In Christian Leadership

The goals of a Christian leader should be to bring glory to God with their existence, evangelize, advance the kingdom, and encourage others to grow in their…

Outline On Galileo Galilei

Following a brief biography of Galileo Galilei, this paper will determine the state of the scientific knowledge prior to Galileo’s astronomical discoveries…

The Three Abrahamic Religions

The three Abrahamic Religions do have some things in common, such as the belief that there is only one God, but they have some differences too. Beliefs…

Muslim Women: Wearing The Hijab

The objectives of the study are to examine if the dominant negative Western perception affects the reasons why the Muslim community is divided on the…